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Why anyone would want to know more about us, is beyond me, but here you go!
Big Ric 
Weekdays 3pm - 7pm




Weekdays 10am - 3pm

Born and bred right here in Parkersburg, Chad is a 2006 graduate of West Virginia University. After working odd jobs which didn't include stripper, millioniare playboy and deep sea fisherman, Chad joined the Bear staff in 2008. Hobbies include, playing poker, XBOX 360 and all things football.​


Nights 7pm - Midnight

Known best for his years doing afternoons for in Pittsburgh, Grimm has been on the radio in one form or another since he was a high school student.  In addition to his years in Pittsburgh, Grimm has also hosted sports talk shows for the Pittsburgh Penguins.  While in Pittsburgh, Grimm also spent many nights behind his turntables as a club and bar DJ.  Coming to the Mid Ohio Valley to host nights on the Bear marks Grimm’s return to his favorite radio format and reunites him with onetime coworker Big Ric.  Follow Grimm on twitter @RadioGrimm and listen weeknights from 7 to midnight for both Grimm’s take and listener interaction on sports, girls, music, and pop culture.

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