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Why anyone would want to know more about us, is beyond me, but here you go!

Big Ric 
Weekdays 3pm - 7pm

Big Ric will keep you up to date on all your favorite local, college and national teams with Scratch, Sweat and Spit Sports, every weekday afternoon at 3:30

Weekdays 10am - 3pm

Born and bred right here in Parkersburg, Chad is a 2006 graduate of West Virginia University. After working odd jobs which didn't include stripper, millioniare playboy and deep sea fisherman, Chad joined the Bear staff in 2008. Hobbies include, playing poker, XBOX 360 and all things football.

Weeknights 7pm - midnight

I'm Haley and I'm a metal-loving-concert-going-guitar-playing female.  I decided the next best thing to becoming a rock star would be meeting them. I love everything about music and want to share the best new tracks with anyone willing to listen. Coming from the far away land of Detroit Rock City, this chick also has an insatiable love for gaming, social media and TV. It has been said that I enjoy the outdoors too, but no one has seen this rare species outside of concerts and the bear cave.

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